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Until recently, there was never any question about my priorities. I wrote way back in October that “my first priority has to go to my health, my second to my emotional well-being, and my third, to school.” It has been … Continue reading

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other people’s problems

Getting diagnosed with a chronic form of cancer at age 25 has left me ill-equipped to deal with anyone else’s medical issues now, at age 26. It has taken time for me to remember that me getting dealt a bad … Continue reading

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so which plan are you going with?

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted a guest entry. Betsy, who writes for me today, is my former coworker, former roommate, and friend from Chicago. She’s great, as you’ll see: Before my work switched our benefits plan, they invited us … Continue reading

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I got my chemo from a different pharmacy this month and it was a little jarring to open the package and see this: I’m not a doctor, but it really looks like, based on the labels, that I shouldn’t be … Continue reading

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is this something?

Symptoms of having cancer and side effects of taking chemo can be so unpredictable and transitory and unexceptional that I find myself constantly wondering: Is this something? I feel like a hypochondriac sometimes. But with a time bomb ticking inside … Continue reading

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