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third opinions

Getting this third opinion yesterday was a bit like being diagnosed all over again. Except this time I knew what was coming, and I knew the lingo, and I don’t feel quite as sick as I did… but none of … Continue reading

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second opinions

It was a little scary but strangely refreshing yesterday to find myself at a different medical center in a different part of the city. In a year and a half I haven’t yet sought any second opinions. Now, with the … Continue reading

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causes of cancer

When I was a new patient I hated hearing about “causes of cancer” because it immediately made me think about the causes of my cancer. And when I think of the causes of my cancer, there’s a tendency to bring … Continue reading

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on being fine

This post was clearly not written by me, as you will see from the first line, because I see a doctor almost once per week and have for the past year and a half. That means it’s guest-post time again!┬áThis … Continue reading

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evaluating a transplant

Today, Day 1 of my liver transplant evaluation, was quite a day. I was poked–4 times. Prodded–by 3 doctors. I purged every question I could think of, and 22 vials of blood, and every single drop of carbon dioxide I … Continue reading

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