what are the chances?

Something happened. One of those things that you know could happen, but you always tell yourself will never happen because–what are the chances?

My dad got hit by a car while he was riding his bike on Friday morning. The chances were decidedly low. Perhaps the chances are also low that he live through such an accident without permanent disabilities–but he did.

I should know by now not to believe in chances. The chances of me getting cancer at 25 are almost as low as the chances of me getting pancreatic neuroendocrine cancer ever. Still, I got both. The chances of my dad getting hit by a car while riding his bike are probably not as low, but they’re still low.

In both cases, we do everything we can to make the chances seem lower. I eat healthy, and exercise, and don’t smoke. My dad wears his helmet and a rear-view mirror and rides on off-street paths when he can. He’s been riding for almost 10 years.

Yet–chances don’t matter. Illusions of safety don’t matter. Previous experiences with rare, bad things happening in your family don’t matter. I’m trying not to get too philosophical here, but yet again, i’m being force-fed the lesson that bad things happen in life rather indiscriminately.

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5 Responses to what are the chances?

  1. Olaina says:

    oh no! I hope he’s OK! I’m pretty sure you’ve got the lesson learned by now… geesh. hang in there!

  2. Bill says:

    I know things are difficult, perhaps more of a blow to the gut than I imagine you can really describe, but perhaps the other side of this experience, at least at some other point in your life, if not now, is that when the good happens, whatever that may be, it may be as unrestrained as the bad. My heart goes out to you in this moment, but perhaps at some point the good can strike twice, or more, too. I hope for you that it does.

  3. Matt says:

    That must have really rattled your cage.

    These things happen while we’re busy making
    other plans.

    Glad to hear that he will recover without
    any permanent disabilities.

    M. Scott Peck wrote a book a few decades
    ago called “The Road Less Traveled”.

    First chapter…First Paragraph…First sentence,

    “LIfe is difficult”.

    If one can accept this…one can be happy.

    If we cannot…we will be forever miserable & frightened
    wondering why our lives do not seem as easy as those
    around us.

    You’ve been given alot of challenges.

    More than most…more than you should have to deal

    But..it is what it is.

    You can’t escape the pain, but perhaps you can find
    a way to make it holy.

    Keep breathing.


  4. Juliann says:

    So sorry! Please wish your dad a speedy recovery. It seems like one of those things that only happens in movies until it happens to someone you know… Hang in there, chica.

  5. Worrywart says:

    My father was hit by a car and killed. I learned then that being hit by a car is the number one transportation killer, so it is much more common than you realize. The lesson I learned from the whole thing was to not let fear keep me from living a full and exciting life and to look both ways before I cross the street (that statement is a lot more profound than one realizes 🙂 ). I’m really glad your dad is okay. BTW my father was a cancer survivor and I think if he had any regrets in his life, it would be that he could not shake his fear that it would someday return (a lot of wasted energy on his part). So easy to look back at a life – I’m glad I read your post this morning because it reminded me to take in a big gulp of life today and enjoy the moment, whatever it might hold.

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