i am a liver live!

i am a liver benefit flyer

If you or someone you know lives in L.A., send ’em on down next Tuesday to see a great show. Several of my friends have been hard at work on this for months now and the lineup they put together is awesome. They are awesome. If you haven’t heard the headliner, Jenny O., she just released an amazing debut album and has been touring nonstop since… but somehow found time to come out to help me. I’m also thrilled and honored to have Karmina open. And you’re guaranteed to enjoy the bomb ’90s covers from (my boyfriend’s group) Band Meets World. You might even see me up on stage. Also featured at the show (for sale): i am a liver bracelets, limited-time only Band Meets World t-shirts, and a whole basket load of plushes and other liver-themed crafts from The Pillow Engineer. All proceeds from the event go to my future trips to Germany for treatment. Check out the details and buy tickets here: http://iamaliverconcert.wordpress.com/

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5 Responses to i am a liver live!

  1. Coral says:

    Lindsey…to help get the word out, I have posted on one of my sites the following. I used (but gave attribution to your website) the flyer for the concert. If that isn’t okay, let me know and I’ll edit. I’ve also shared the info on my FB page, as I am a former LA gal and still have friends and family there. Here is the link to what I wrote: http://www.bubblews.com/news/755773-i-am-a-liver-the-concert-feat-jenny-o-band-meets-world-and-karmina Hope it helps! Keep LIVING! Hugs.

  2. cathy says:

    Can’t wait. See you there.

  3. AshMac says:

    It has been >20 days since you posted. Please check in. We’re worrying.

  4. Ben Tsai says:

    Hi Lindsey. I just thought of a movie you might be interested in. It’s a Chinese movie starring Jet Li called “Ocean Heaven”. It’s not an action film, believe it or not. It’s actually a very touching film about a terminally ill father (Jet Li) trying to find a way to make sure his autistic adult son (Zhang Wen) will be taken care of before he dies. Hopefully you’ll have some time out of your busy schedule to watch it.


  5. Amanda says:

    Hey Lindsey, we’re worried! It’s been almost two months since a post. Is everything ok?

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