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facing cancer together

This guest post is from my old friend and now roommate LeeAnn. I think it speaks for itself. There’s a scene in 50/50–it’s after the climax of Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s emotional breakdown in his best friend’s car, and just after JGL … Continue reading

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doing so well

Something my oncologist said at my appointment last week has really stuck with me.¬†And the fact that it stuck with me this whole week with everything else that was going on means it must be important. My appointment last week … Continue reading

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video: will joseph gordon-levitt have coffee with me?

As you might recall, I saw the cancer comedy 50/50 recently and was impressed with it, though it was difficult emotionally for me to watch. Also, I didn’t admit this in my first post about it, but after seeing Joseph … Continue reading

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what you should say

A lot has been written about what you should and shouldn’t say to people who tell you they or their close family member has cancer. Or, to people you see in everyday life who are bald and look sickly. I … Continue reading

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Perk of having cancer and living in LA: I got to see 50/50 tonight. For free. Nine days before it comes out. 50/50 is the new cancer comedy starring Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Seth Rogen. It’s weird that I consider this … Continue reading

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