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squeaky wheel

My parents have always told me, “the squeaky wheel gets the grease.” I have always hated this saying. I am not naturally inclined toward “squeakiness.” I prefer to stay quiet and have faith that people and things will pull through … Continue reading

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the darkness and the light

It’s so light today. I’m sitting outside at a bright blue and yellow car wash with bright blue and yellow signs advertising waxes and detailing and hand washing. My car will soon be unburdened of the 15 bird poops unfortunately … Continue reading

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to Germany and back again

I went to Germany (and Prague) and came back again and it feels so good to be home. Indescribably good. Not just because I have a couch I can sit on and a bed with unlimited pillows and I can … Continue reading

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things i am not thankful for

I have actually been writing a lot lately. Out of my fingertips have been pouring my darkest thoughts about cancer, things I just can’t bring myself to inflict on my readers without the context of a dozen “happy” posts on … Continue reading

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patience vs. extreme patience

If these past ten months were an exercise in patience, then the past two weeks have been an exercise in extreme patience. And trust in doctors. I had been feeling so good. I was ready to begin my life again—but … Continue reading

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today is my cancerversary

Those of you who are keeping track know it’s my cancerversary today. Three years ago today I was called into a little exam room with my gastroenterologist, a heptologist, my parents, and a picture of a liver on the wall, … Continue reading

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happy cancer birthday to me

On my little sister’s fourth birthday, she had a bad case of the chicken pox. Very shortly after that, my other little sister and I both caught it too and I just remember spending the next week covered in that … Continue reading

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my cancer-butt-kicking-staying-happy team

My nurse/sister/friend has been my constant companion since February of this year. By constant, I mean she’s been with me almost every second since I had my last surgery. Except the time that she was working and hanging out with … Continue reading

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on and on

I don’t remember writing very much about the fear that gripped me the last time I was in Germany. I wrote of course about my fear of going. But i’m talking about the fear that I faced while I was … Continue reading

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turning on my brain–hello again!

I think I needed a break. A break from thinking, a break from writing, a break from being so honest and candid. A break from wondering if I was whining too much about feeling poorly and writing too many depressing … Continue reading

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