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finding a plan B

The crisis seems to have passed. But because I am not cured, will likely never be cured, I need a plan B, always a plan B. The cancer is laying dormant in my liver but is still somehow creeping around … Continue reading

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to Germany and back again

I went to Germany (and Prague) and came back again and it feels so good to be home. Indescribably good. Not just because I have a couch I can sit on and a bed with unlimited pillows and I can … Continue reading

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today is my cancerversary

Those of you who are keeping track know it’s my cancerversary today. Three years ago today I was called into a little exam room with my gastroenterologist, a heptologist, my parents, and a picture of a liver on the wall, … Continue reading

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i am a liver live!

If you or someone you know lives in L.A., send ’em on down next Tuesday to see a great show. Several of my friends have been hard at work on this for months now and the lineup they put together … Continue reading

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fighting cancer with cuddles

The first thing I asked for after I was diagnosed with cancer was a stuffed liver. Instead of wanting to send out the cavalry to battle my diseased liver (and pancreas), I wanted to cuddle with a plush version of … Continue reading

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i’m ready

My alarm is set. My bags are packed. My to-do list is checked off. I’ve eaten only liquids all day. I’m clean. I’m calm. I’m positive. All of my organs love each other. I am a liver. I will write … Continue reading

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ci vuole un fegato (it takes a liver)

I¬†occasionally¬†feature guest posts from family and friends who feel inclined to write about cancer. My youngest sister Paige, who is currently studying abroad in Florence, Italy, wrote a guest post for my cancerversary yesterday. You may remember her from her … Continue reading

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happy post

When my oncologist walked into the exam room the other day and saw me sitting on the table he stopped and said, “Wow–you look great!” Then he did a double take and said, “Have you gained weight?” As an American … Continue reading

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third opinions

Getting this third opinion yesterday was a bit like being diagnosed all over again. Except this time I knew what was coming, and I knew the lingo, and I don’t feel quite as sick as I did… but none of … Continue reading

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causes of cancer

When I was a new patient I hated hearing about “causes of cancer” because it immediately made me think about the causes of my cancer. And when I think of the causes of my cancer, there’s a tendency to bring … Continue reading

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