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patience vs. extreme patience

If these past ten months were an exercise in patience, then the past two weeks have been an exercise in extreme patience. And trust in doctors. I had been feeling so good. I was ready to begin my life again—but … Continue reading

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today is my cancerversary

Those of you who are keeping track know it’s my cancerversary today. Three years ago today I was called into a little exam room with my gastroenterologist, a heptologist, my parents, and a picture of a liver on the wall, … Continue reading

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limericks from a caregiver

If you will remember, I promised a post from one of my sisters, the other half of my “cancer-butt-kicking-staying-happy team.” It was worth the wait. Just like all of you, I am one of Lindsey’s longtime faithful readers. Just like … Continue reading

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happy cancer birthday to me

On my little sister’s fourth birthday, she had a bad case of the chicken pox. Very shortly after that, my other little sister and I both caught it too and I just remember spending the next week covered in that … Continue reading

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elevate and wait

I have gained 10 to 15 pounds in the past three weeks. It’s all water. And it’s all hanging out below my belly button–mainly in my feet, ankles, and legs. I still have fluid around my right lung, but now … Continue reading

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fighting cancer with cuddles

The first thing I asked for after I was diagnosed with cancer was a stuffed liver. Instead of wanting to send out the cavalry to battle my diseased liver (and pancreas), I wanted to cuddle with a plush version of … Continue reading

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i wish doctors knew everything

I think this wish, that doctors knew everything, goes hand in hand with all the other truths in youth that turn out to not be true as one gets older. I wish my parents could solve every problem. I wish … Continue reading

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venturing into the real world

I haven’t been feeling very much like talking or thinking or writing lately. If I ignore how uncomfortable and strange my body feels and instead fill my mind with walks, T.V. shows, books, and crafts, maybe I will feel less … Continue reading

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trying to be thankful

I went into writing this post thinking it should sound victorious. Or relieved. Or at least somewhat positive. I’m alive! I feel like writing again! Both of these things are true. But i’m now 10 days post surgery and i’m … Continue reading

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i’m ready

My alarm is set. My bags are packed. My to-do list is checked off. I’ve eaten only liquids all day. I’m clean. I’m calm. I’m positive. All of my organs love each other. I am a liver. I will write … Continue reading

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